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“I never want to see another credit card for as long as I live.”

Most consumers coming out of a Bankruptcy swear off credit cards. They say: “I never want to see another credit card for as long as I live.”

The reality is that your entire financial future is directly impacted by your credit score.  In order to have a strong credit score, you must have a healthy credit mix.  A healthy credit mix includes; installment loans, such as a mortgage or a car loan, short term loans, such as furniture loans, and revolving credit such as credit cards.

That’s right; credit cards are an essential part of a healthy credit mix.  Learning how to properly use a credit card to your advantage requires some education and some practice.  Ultimately, you will want to have three active credit cards on your credit report; each card having been issued by one of the top four issuers of credit: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Using these accounts properly and to your advantage will help you build the strong credit history that you deserve.

Over the next 18 months the NextStep Coaching® program will walk you step by step, every month guiding you in the right direction.  We’ll be helping you make the best decisions, avoid pitfalls and traps and answering any questions you may have about the rebuilding process.

At MoneySharp you are not alone. Our trained counselors are dedicated to helping you build true financial success by making the best financial decisions and protecting your bankruptcy discharge.

What will I learn in this coaching program?

Protect your Discharge You will learn how to protect your bankruptcy discharge; making sure you don’t fall prey to your creditors or debt collectors in the future.
Save Thousands Save thousands on interest.  Learn how to pay down debt which has survived your bankruptcy, such as student loans, a mortgage or car loans.  In the cheapest, fastest way possible.
Buy a home after a bankruptcy You will learn about making major purchases.  Avoid turning the dream of home ownership into the ultimate financial nightmare.  Learn the steps to the most cost effective way to purchase a home or car.
Protect your rights You will learn how to scan your credit report, how to spot any potential violations of your rights as a consumer and you will learn the proper action steps to take.
Prepare for retirement You will learn how to prepare financially for your retirement.  You’ll learn the fastest and most effective way to build your retirement fund.  There is no magic pill here, and there are no magic investments either.  You will learn how to apply the money you are currently bringing home to a financial plan that will get you to your financial goals and not have you buried in debt.
Protect your credit You will learn which errors on a credit report have a major impact on your score versus those which have a minimal impact.  This will save you time and money when protecting your credit.
Applying for Credit How to apply for the correct types of credit without hurting your credit score.
When to apply for the appropriate types of credit without hurting your credit score
Where to find the best credit options by comparing offers and which best suit your needs.
Build up you credit You will learn how to keep your credit cards active and current, building up your credit, so you can focus on your family, work and social events.

You have a GOLDEN opportunity before you.  An opportunity many Americans will never get.   After your bankruptcy discharge, you have the opportunity to start over and rebuild your financial life from the ground up.  Avoiding those costly mistakes and traps from your past and taking the best steps in the right order to build a solid financial foundation for your future.

Take the time to learn how to be successful moving forward and how to protect your discharge from debt collectors.

Register online or call today (866-200-6825) and speak with one of our trained counselors about our NextStep Coaching® and Discharge Protection® programs. Learn which programs will meet your needs best.

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