About Us

Money Sharp Inc. is a non-for profit organization based out of Chicago, IL.  Since 2008 we have been developing online financial education courses designed to create lasting results for our clients.  Our founders are Chicago sons; Edward Sanchez, RFC® and Edwin G. Calderon.  Mr. Sanchez has been working with consumers in bankruptcy from across the country since 1999.  His experiences with these clients have helped shape the tools that we use at Money Sharp today.  Mr. Calderon has more than a decade of experience working in information technology, web development, system engineering and security design.  Mr. Calderon has years of experience managing one of the largest online food ordering websites in the world. Mr. Calderon also brings to Money Sharp skills acquired when he managed a research and development technology lab for a major international financial institution.

Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Calderon have a shared vision of helping create a wave of educated consumers which are able to be financially successful and equipped to protect themselves from the predatory services and the lending industry which have largely contributed to the financial challenges of millions of Americans.

All of our highly trained staff reside in the great state of Illinois.  When you dial our toll free number (866-200-6825) during our hours of operation (M-F 8am – 10pm CST) you will reach a LIVE, and well trained counselor.  You will not get a machine, nor will you reach a call center overseas.

Money Sharp is dedicated to our community. Our founders have presented dozens of free seminars in the Chicago-land area with local partners such as: The Federal Reserve of Chicago, The Chicago Public Libraries, The office of the City Treasurer of Chicago and The office of the State Treasurer.  Our founders have also held regular appearances on local news and media outlets, such as: NBC 5 Chicago, CBS NEWS, First Business News, Univision, WGNTV, and WGN Radio.

We break down personal financial management better than anyone in the industry.  Since 2008, we have had more than 30,000 bankruptcy students take our courses.  Over 97% of our students report their understanding of personal finance having improved after taking our courses.  More than 94% of our students report that their personal financial habits will change as a result of taking our courses.

We have integrated multiple technologies with our own education, tracking and delivery systems to efficiently monitor and protect your bankruptcy discharge for you.  While no one else in the country is systematically doing what we do for you at Money Sharp, we do anticipate others to try and copy the programs we offer.  We welcome the competition.  After all, there are millions of Americans which need these services and we can only serve so many, while maintaining the highest level service to you.

We are not a credit repair firm.  While credit repair is legal, many companies offering “credit repair” services are not legitimate.  Many of these types of companies charge improper fees and promise results which are not achievable.  We have some helpful tips to help you avoid illegitimate credit repair companies. Avoid Credit Repair Scams.

Many consumers come out of bankruptcy believing they need “credit repair”.  The belief is that what was previously broken (your credit), must now be repaired.  Credit doesn’t work that way.  Only erroneous trade lines can be removed from a credit report.  If you have an accurate foreclosure or a bankruptcy on your credit report, these items cannot be removed from your credit report, not legally.

The only true way to have lasting positive credit is to build positive credit. (link to Next Step Coaching) Many people want to buy the result “excellent credit” without the work, which is what many fraudulent companies try to sell you.  At Money Sharp we provide you with the education and coaching to guide your decisions coming out of a financial catastrophe, which build the unbreakable and positive credit history you deserve.