Discharge Protection® Process

Protecting your Bankruptcy Discharge Order is essential to you getting a TRUE “Fresh Start”.

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There are many steps required to properly protect yourself and your discharge from your creditors, in the future.  Failing to protect your discharge order will likely cost you money and hurt your credit score; making it much more challenging to recover from a Bankruptcy.

Below you will find the steps MoneySharp takes to protect your discharge.

Steps Description
Dispute letters Step 1. We prepare custom dispute letters based on the information in your most current credit report.
Discharge order & Creditor service list Step 2. We prepare and include supporting documentation, including your Bankruptcy discharge order and your creditor service list.
Driver’s License & SS Card Step 3. You provide two forms of personal identification and sign your dispute letters.
Send to Top 3 bureaus Step 4. We send your letters to the top three credit reporting bureaus; EquifaxExperian and Transunion.  We send your letters via USPS Certified mail and Return receipt.  Typical postage is $6.51 per letter.
Scan and save Step 5. We scan every signed document sent, and returned.
Scan all responses Step 6. We keep detailed records of all disputes, follow up responses and results.
Credit Alert Enrollment Step 7. We receive email and text alerts when potentially negative information hits your credit report.  This requires enrollment in our notification system (included in the Gold membership level).
Immediate notification Step 8. We notify you immediately via email and or text of these changes and prepare a new dispute to correct the erroneous trade line in question.
Repeat Steps 1-6 Step 9. We repeat Steps 1-6 as many times are required to ensure your credit report trade lines are accurate and your Bankruptcy discharge is protected.
Pull your credit report Step 10. From time to time, it will become necessary for you to pull a copy of your full credit report.  This is needed to ensure the steps you are taking in conjunction with our efforts are helping you achieve maximum success.  We will assist you in getting 3-Bureau and 3-Score report for just for the lowest possible price on the market.  Additional credit reports are only recommended to be pulled by you when absolutely necessary.  This is done to eliminate any unnecessary costs and save you money.

Why is it important to photocopy, scan, use certified mail and return receipt mail to document every step of this process?

The only true way to protect your discharge is by keeping detailed records and evidence of your efforts to maintain your credit report as accurate as possible.

YOU CAN DO THIS all on your own.  We teach you every step of the process at the Silver Membership level.

We use sophisticated technology and highly trained counselors to make disputing, documenting, responding, tracking and reporting as accurate as possible.

By enrolling at the Gold Membership level, you will never need to interrupt your daily work, family or social lifestyle to document, track and monitor your creditors.  We do all of the work for you.  You also get access to our 18 month NextStep Coaching® program which is the most extensive coaching program available, designed to help you achieve your maximum financial success.

The Ultimate Goal

The true goal and primary purpose of sending custom, accurate and truthful dispute letters and then documenting EVERY step of this process, is to keep your credit report as clean and accurate as possible.

We want your credit report to accurately reflect your Fresh Start.  We don’t want your credit report to be marred with outdated with inaccurate information about your previous creditors and balances.

An accurate credit report is a healthy report.  It is against federal law to dispute negative information on your credit report if it is truly accurate.

Once the credit bureaus and your creditors receive proper notification, your credit report should be accurate.  When this happens, we know YOU have won.

Additional Remedies

Quite often, creditors will not take the time to update their records nor properly notify the credit bureaus of your current account status.  This happens regularly, even after a properly documented dispute letter.

When this occurs, there are additional remedies to protect yourself from your creditors.  Under the rules of the FDCPA, you have the right to seek damages from your creditors, if they intentionally caused you financial loss due to their actions by listing a debt inaccurately on your credit report or by trying to collect on a discharged debt.  We will notify you immediately, if we identify such a problem.  For more information, call 866-200-6825 and ask to speak with one of our trained counselors.

60 Minutes Video:  “40 Million Mistakes”  Is your credit Report accurate?

Register online or call today (866-200-6825) and speak with one of our trained counselors about our NextStep Coaching® and Discharge Protection® programs. Learn which programs will meet your needs best.

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